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Miscellaneous Transmission Belts

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Jason Type 400 Endless Woven Flat Belts

Jason Type 400 Endless Woven Flat Belts

Oil-resistant, non-marking cover Static conductive.

Jason Type 400 flat belts are single-ply, endless woven belts built to the rigid standards necessary to meet the demands of modern high speed compact drives requiring flat belts. These belts are interchangeable with Gates Speed Flex, #400 Panther, Tilton Superspeed and Fenner Ultra Speed 400.

These high-performance flat belts have a single-ply of endless woven polyester cord bonded to an oil-resistant, non-marking, static conducting chloroprene (Neoprene) rubber covers.

Type 400 Flat Belt Nominal Dimensions
Thickness - 0.9 mm (0.035" ± 0.004")
Widths - Up to 13" ± 0.012"
Lengths * - 6 to 142" ± .070"

* Available in 1/2-inch increments ...
Neoflex Belts

Neoflex Belts

Wide angle belts, Neoprene body.

More power in less space. The wide 60º angle provides more sidewall support under the tensile member for even load distribution and higher ratings. Allows for maximum speed ratios with smaller sheaves. Constructed of neoprene with transverse fabric plys for rigidity. Tensile member is polyester.

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