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Variable Speed V-Belts

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Variable Speed V-Belts

American Variable Speed V-Belts

For drive applications with a speed change requirement, Jason offers standard American variable speed belts in widths from 3/4-inch through 3 7/8-inches. Pitch lengths are available in lengths from 21.5 inches to 169 inches. These include all of the recommended RMA sections, plus many more covering a broad range of applications.

These belts conform to RMA Engineering Standard IP-25.

The standard RMA numbering system specifies the belt width in sixteenths of an inch, the pulley V-groove angle in degrees and the belt pitch length in tenths of an inch.

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Variable Speed V-Belts

ISO Variable Speed V-Belts (RI604 Standards)

Jason has an extensive selection of metric variable speed belts available. European metric sizes are available in top widths from 13mm to 70mm and in pitch lengths ranging from 450 mm to 3610 mm.

Also available are metric belts built to ISO R1604 Standards. Other metric sizes such as 10/1120, 30/40/1600, etc. are available on special order. Consult Jason Customer Service.

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Variable Speed V-Belts

European Variable Speed V-Belts Metric Sizes