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All Categories > Power Transmission Belts > Neoprene Synchronous Belts > HTB Timing Belts > Item # 560-8M-30  
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Item # 560-8M-30, 8 mm HTB Timing Belt

Oil, heat and abrasion-resistant.

The standard trapezoidal tooth timing belt design performs poorly in high torque applications and high power drives at lower speeds. To overcome this disadvantage the High Torque Belt (HTB) was developed using a more efficient tooth profile.

Stock 5 mm, 8 mm and 14 mm pitch HTB timing belts are listed below. Non-standard lengths in these pitches are also available, as are belts with 3 mm pitch.

HTB timing belts are specified by belt pitch length, tooth profile, and tooth pitch code and belt width in millimeters.

3 mm HTB Timing Belts
Many sizes are in stock. Other 3 mm Pitch HTB Belts are available on a made to order basis. Please check with Jason for availability.

Among the advantages are:
  • Higher torque transmission at low speeds
  • High power transmission over a wide speed range
  • Improved meshing to reduce tooth jump
  • Higher resistance to tooth shear
  • Less tooth wear due to friction

Unit of Measure: Imperial Metric Both


Belt Length

560 mm

Pitch Code



30 mm

No. of Teeth


Approx. Weight

0.23 lb


·  Construction

·  Deflection Force for HTB Replacement


Belt Tensioning Instructions
(PDF, 57KB)