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Tiger Synchronous Belts

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Jason's Maximum Performance High-Torque Belt

Jason developed the Tiger Belt® to extend the synchronous belt application range.

Special aramid reinforced compounds, along with improved tooth facing and tensile members provide the muscle for the increased horsepower ratings; up to three times that of standard HTB® belts.

Laboratory and customer tested tough!

Tiger Belts®
may also be ordered in the standard 8mm pitch HTB® widths of 20 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm and 85 mm, as well as in standard 14 mm pitch HTB® widths of 40 mm, 55 mm, 85 mm, 115 mm and 170 mm.

HTB® drives utilizing TigerBelts® as direct replacements for original HTB® belts will see greatly improved belt life.

Tiger Belts® should be installed so that the deflection at midspan is 1/64" for every inch of span when the force specified in the table below is applied.

Jason's High-torque HTB* *Curvilinear Profile Belt is now available in a High Horsepower Construction**

* HTB is a registered trademark of Jason Industrial Inc.

** Always verify HP rating for Pulleys and Bushings before applying increased loads.
  • Horsepower capacity up to 3 times that of HTB®.
  • Will run in either HTB® or RPP®*** Pulleys.

    ***RPP and Panther are registered trademarks of Dayco.
  • Available in HTB®/HTD®**** widths for longer life on replacement use.

    ****HTD is a registered trademark of Gates Corporation.
  • Available in RPP Panther ®***/QT Powerchain®***** widths for high horsepower applications.

    ****HTD is a registered trademark of Gates Corporation.

    *****QT Powerchain is a registered trademark of TB Woods
  • Performance testing has shown the Tiger Belt ® to outlast competitive premium products.

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    Item #

    Belt Length

    Pitch Code


    480-8MT-12 480 mm 8MT 12 mm
    480-8MT-22 480 mm 8MT 22 mm
    480-8MT-35 480 mm 8MT 35 mm
    480-8MT-60 480 mm 8MT 60 mm
    536-8MT-12 536 mm 8MT 12 mm
    536-8MT-22 536 mm 8MT 22 mm
    536-8MT-35 536 mm 8MT 35 mm
    536-8MT-60 536 mm 8MT 60 mm
    560-8MT-12 560 mm 8MT 12 mm
    560-8MT-22 560 mm 8MT 22 mm
    560-8MT-35 560 mm 8MT 35 mm
    560-8MT-60 560 mm 8MT 60 mm
    600-8MT-12 600 mm 8MT 12 mm
    600-8MT-22 600 mm 8MT 22 mm
    600-8MT-35 600 mm 8MT 35 mm
    600-8MT-60 600 mm 8MT 60 mm
    632-8MT-12 632 mm 8MT 12 mm
    632-8MT-22 632 mm 8MT 22 mm
    632-8MT-35 632 mm 8MT 35 mm
    632-8MT-60 632 mm 8MT 60 mm
    640-8MT-12 640 mm 8MT 12 mm
    640-8MT-22 640 mm 8MT 22 mm
    640-8MT-35 640 mm 8MT 35 mm
    640-8MT-60 640 mm 8MT 60 mm
    720-8MT-12 720 mm 8MT 12 mm
      Results 1 - 25 of 189  1 2 3 4 5 »