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Sandblast Couplings

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Sandblast Hose Couplings

Sandblast Hose Couplings

There are three active sandblast system couplings; HOSE ENDS which are used to make hose to hose connections or hose to blast pot connections, NOZZLE HOLDERS that accept the male threaded end of a sandblast nozzle, and the THREADED POT END that is connected to the combination air and abrasive mix from the sandblast pot. All three are available in aluminum or brass. Hose ends are also available in Iron.
Threaded Pot End Sandblast Hose Couplings

Threaded Pot End Sandblast Hose Couplings

Threaded Pots End do not fit the hose, but rather are threaded (NPT or NPS) onto the sandblast pot. Once properly threaded to the discharge pipe on the pot, the 2 lug crowfoot design can now be connected to the 2 lug crowfoot design of the hose end. Now the pot can supply mix to the operator by way of the hose to the sandblast nozzle.