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Double Bolt Hose Clamps for Corrugated Hose

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Clamps (for corrugated hose) manufactured in either clockwise (right hand) or counter clockwise (left hand) design, the spiral double bolt clamp fits between the convolutions on corrugated hose. When fully tightened, the wire secures the full circumference of the outside hose wall - not the convolutions, for a safe, economical and efficient securing method. Consult hose manufacturer for correct convolution direction. Direction of clamp spiral and hose convolution are the same.

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Item #

Hose Inside Diameter

Number of Bolts

SDB150 1-1/2 in 2
SDB200 2 in 2
SDB250 2-1/2 in 2
SDB300 3 in 2
SDB400 4 in 2
SDB500 5 in 2
SDB600 6 in 2
SDB800 8 in 2
SDB1000 10 in 2
SDB1200 12 in 2
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1