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Combination Hose Nipples

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CN's are used in a variety of fluid applications. They are available in unplated steel, plated steel, polypropylene, victaulic and 304 stainless steel. End (male) threads are NPT (will mate with foot valves, strainers, cam and groove part A, D etc.) and are the same size as shank.

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Item #

Hose Inside Diameter


CN050 1/2 in Unplated Steel
CN075 3/4 in Unplated Steel
CN100 1 in Unplated Steel
CN125 1-1/4 in Unplated Steel
CN150 1-1/2 in Unplated Steel
CN200 2 in Unplated Steel
CN250 2-1/2 in Unplated Steel
CN300 3 in Unplated Steel
CN400 4 in Unplated Steel
CN500 5 in Unplated Steel
CN600 6 in Unplated Steel
CN800 8 in Unplated Steel
CN1000 10 in Unplated Steel
CN1200 12 in Unplated Steel
CN050P 1/2 in Plated Steel
CN075P 3/4 in Plated Steel
CN100P 1 in Plated Steel
CN125P 1-1/4 in Plated Steel
CN150P 1-1/2 in Plated Steel
CN200P 2 in Plated Steel
CN250P 2-1/2 in Plated Steel
CN300P 3 in Plated Steel
CN400P 4 in Plated Steel
CN500P 5 in Plated Steel
CN600P 6 in Plated Steel
  Results 1 - 25 of 61 1 2 3