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C Section UniMatch Banded Classical V-Belts

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Oil and heat-resistant. Static dissipating.

UniMatch banded V-belts are available in classical multiple sections B, C and D and in deep wedge sections 3V, 5V and 8V. They feature the same premium constructions as the individual belt and are bonded together with a fabric-neoprene top band. These belts are often used on vertical shafts and where belt vibration and flopping must be minimized.

Stock banded V-belts are listed below. To obtain the total list price, multiply the list price per rib by the total number of ribs per band. In-between lengths of the B, C and D sections are available, as are lengths to 600 inches in the B and C sections on special order. Consult Jason Customer Service. These belts conform to RMA Engineering Standard IP-20 and IP-22.

Banded multiple V-belts are specified by the letter "R" denoting banded construction, the belt section and the belt Standard Length Designation in inches. The number of belts in a band is given separately; i.e., RC90 1X8 - 1 Belt & 8 Ribs.

Banded deep wedge V-belts are specified by the letter "R" denoting banded construction, the belt section and a number giving the outside length in inches multiplied by 10, followed by a dash and the number of bands required. R5V750 1X8 - 1 Belt & 8 Ribs.

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Item #

Approx. Weight Per Rib

RC60 1.44 lb
RC68 1.65 lb
RC71 1.68 lb
RC75 1.80 lb
RC80 1.85 lb
RC81 1.92 lb
RC85 2.04 lb
RC87 2.09 lb
RC90 2.16 lb
RC96 2.30 lb
RC100 2.40 lb
RC105 2.52 lb
RC109 2.60 lb
RC112 2.68 lb
RC120 2.88 lb
RC126 3.04 lb
RC128 3.07 lb
RC136 3.26 lb
RC140 3.36 lb
RC144 3.45 lb
RC158 3.79 lb
RC162 3.88 lb
RC173 4.15 lb
RC180 4.32 lb
RC195 4.68 lb
  Results 1 - 25 of 39 1 2